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******Promotion ******
“$59 - Premium all you can eat” is available EVERYDAY now! Only for pre-book customers only! Please note on “Special Request” if you like to select “$59 - Premium all you can eat”.
IF YOU DON’T NOTE ON “Special Request”, THE MENU WILL BE “A la carte”. ************************
Standard "All you can eat" on EVERYDAY as usual.
We only keep the table for 30 min. Your booking will be canceled if you don't arrive in 30 min from booking hours.
All You Can Eat Condition:
- The dining is valid for 90 minutes.
- the time starts after the first order is taken.
- The Last order of the food and dessert is taken after 60 minutes of dinings.
- It is not permitted to takeaway the dishes from our buffet menu.
- People seating at the same table are to have the same type of buffet.
- All of BBQ meals are SOY flavored.
- In the case off child, 6 - 11 years old and higher than 155cm. the adult fee will be applied. 1-5 years old and higher than 120cm, the child fee will be applied. Free for under 5 years old and shorter than 100cm.
- In general, canceling the order is not available. So we recommend not ordering too much (you can add more but you can't reduce). If there is too much left over there will be an extra charge.
- Any leftover of 300g will be charged at $15.
- Extra charge of $5 per 100g will be applied if you have any leftover over 100g. Example: 300g leftover = $15 extra charge 400g leftover = $20 extra charge.

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